Reasons to go to Duel Grand Prix this weekend

5 Reasons To Go To Duel Grand Prix This Weekend

We’re only one month into 2017, but we’re only 6 nights away from what promises to be one of the biggest K1 and Muay Thai shows of the year. If you haven’t already bought your ticket, we’ve came up with 5 reasons why you really should be at the first ever Duel “Grand Prix” this weekend.

1. Duel is known for spotting future talent

Although the “Grand Prix” is a first, Duel is now into its 8th show. Previous shows have always displayed high quality bouts and Duel are proud to be one of the first to showcase talent such as Fred “The Joker” Cordeiro, who has gone on to become the Duel SuperFight Champion and an internationally recognised star.

2. Never short of highlight reel knockouts

Regular fans of Duel will recall some amazing finishes over the years, and the aforementioned Fred Cordeiro made his name from his highlight reel finishes at Duel, first with a spin-kick followed by flying knee KO of then UK #2 Andy Hughes at Duel 2, then an overhand right KO against Connor Long at Duel 4, then a perfectly executed head-body-leg combination to drop John Spencer at Duel 5, and most recently a spinning back kick KO against Gary Laws at Duel 6 which went viral.

3. Four-man 61kg Muay Thai tournament between four of UK and Europe’s best

Romania’s Adrian Maxim, who recently won the Wu Ling Feng “Gala” in China, will be up against three of the UK’s top stars at 61kg; Mo Abduraham, ranked #1 by UK K1 Independent Rankings, along with top contenders Chris Shaw and Paul Barber.

4. Four-man super-heavyweight tournament

As well as the 61kg tournament, we also have a super-heavyweight tournament to look forward to between four of the top-10 in K1. Correy Robinson, Dawid Zoltaszek, Kaz Mwamba and Lukasz Lehmann will all be looking to make their mark and prove they are the UK’s top super-heavyweight. With the heavy hands of all four fighters, this tournament is sure to bring excitement with potential of seeing some highlight reel KO’s.

5. Gary Laws vs Jordan Williams

A match-up that has the potential to be main event, between two fighters who are not only considered the best in the North East, but the whole of the UK too. Laws (Northern Kings) and Williams (Phoenix Thai) have both fought the very best in their division and now they meet each other at Duel Grand Prix in a fight North East fight fans have been eager to see.

The Duel Grand Prix has moved from the NE6 Suite, the regular home of Duel, to the Walker Activity Dome, only half a mile up the road; a bigger venue that will hold a bigger crowd, showing the ambition and potential of one of the North East’s biggest K1 and Muay Thai promotions.

You can buy your tickets here.

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