JOYA Junior Fight League

The JOYA Junior Fight League comes to the North East

The long-awaited date and venue is now set for the first collaboration between Contender Promotions’ own Garry Bell, and Duel Fight Sports’ David Weild.

In association with the WKA – World Kickboxing Association – JOYA Junior Fight League aims to showcase the best of local and national kickboxing talent, on an exclusive junior-only summer gala to be held at Newcastle’s NE6 Suite. All junior fighters will wear Joya Fight Gear gloves and bodyshields for K-1 Light, and gloves for the Light-Contact and Full-Contact divisions.

JOYA Junior Fight League

‘JOYA’ is one of Europe’s leading fight brands with some of the World’s leading fighters wearing them. Joya also sponsors the biggest kickboxing promotion in the World – GLORY!

JOYA Fight League #1 will feature ‘K-1 and Kickboxing’ bouts, for competitors aged between 5-19 years of age.

Get in touch with Garry Bell or David Weild now to register your junior fighters.


  • Light-Contact Kickboxing (Juniors Only)
  • K-1 Light (Juniors Only)

For fair matching, please include:

  • Name
  • Gym
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Record(s)
  • Training Duration

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